National Bra Fitting Week

National Bra Fitting Week


Last week was the first ever National Bra Fitting Week and we are pleased to say that it was an incredible success at Embrace.

Women who had never been fitted or not fitted for a while flocked to see us. We had tears of joy, squeals of delight and open mouthed surprise with the difference we made to how they looked and felt. It was a brilliant week and re-affirmed why we love our business so much.

But this doesn’t happen just for one week a year. At Embrace this is a daily occurrence and why we will always fit you rather than just letting you purchase a bra. Every bra will fit differently, just like a pair of jeans will. We are professional Bra fitters – we know what shapes and styles suit different body shapes and we have 20 different brands to choose from.

So, it’s not too late!

Come and be fitted for summer, whether it’s a t shirt bra you’re looking for or a beautiful swimsuit or bikini, come and see us for professional advice and friendly service.